Multiplayer Game mode in Terraria

Multiplayer is actually a famous game mode in which Terraria could be played against or with other players from anywhere on this planet. Multiplayer games are basically cooperative by default, with PvP readily available for activation as soon as a multiplayer game is started. There are a couple of types of multiplayer environments: “Host & Play” and “Server”.

Terraria (2).pngHost & Play games are begun through a regular Terraria application by downloading it from The very first player pick “Host & Play”, selects options, and begins the world by becoming a host. Other internet or network players can then join, by picking “Join” from a multiplayer menu or if the other guy is your friends from steam he can join using “Join through Steam” button. The virtual world of Terraria shuts down when an original player leaves his world. This option is usually used for relatively smaller local LAN games or for online games that are quite small.

Major multiplayer games usually run on servers. Servers are started through TerrariaServer.exe file that is already included with every Windows Terraria installation, or through a 3rd party server program. A server lets a game world to run on a completely separate computer, with no particular requirements of graphics, and without needing any specific player to remain connected. Such players can join server games by picking “Join” from Multiplayer menu of Terraria, then filling the server information. Server lists could be found on

However, in the android/apple version, worlds could be hosted through Wi-Fi by picking a “Single player” option, upon which numerous others connected to the same network can connect. However, you should select yes in in the settings of the game, under “Multiplayer Host” in order to do that. Opponent players who are thesimilar network can join by hitting “Join Game” and choosing the world name of the host on the following screen.


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